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Annika Sundell est une thérapeute qui pratique sur Genève au sein du cabinet Sunrolfing le Rolfing, la Somatic Experiencing (l'experience somatique) et le travail des cicatrices (ScarWorks)

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Do you aspire to stand tall and breath with your full lung capacity? Get release from recurring pain and tension ? Do you wake up with a stiff neck and tight jaw ? Do you feel worried for no apparent reason ? In constant vigilence ? …


As Rolfer and Somatic Experiencing practitioner, the wisdom of the body and its ability to show us the way to resolve physical tensions and smooth traumas buried in our body fascinates me. Whether by the touch of Rolfing or by the exploration of the felt sense expressed by words, I aspire to help you find a postural alignment and an emotional grounding.



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Annika Sundell

3 Avenue Henri-Dunant, 1205 GENÈVE, Suisse

Tel : +41 79 449 94 41

Email :

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Car: Plainpalais car park

Bus: line 1 - Plainpalais stop

Tram: lines 12, 15, 17, 18 - Plainpalais stop

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