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Who am I  ?

Annika Sundell est une thérapeute spécialisée dans le Rolfing, La Somatic Experiencing ou l'Expérience Somatique et le traitement des cicatrices ou ScarWork

Fascinated by the body mind connection and everything that impact us during our lives, I am fascinated by the human potential which is ready to express whenever a person finds his or her centre!


Empathetic, curious about life and people, my practice is inspired by the wish to work with a holistic perspective, to listen to where a person is at this very moment, to evolve in an environment where research is in constant evolution and to keep growing in order to support my clients with an open mind.

I never cease to be amazed by the revealing power of Rolfing, by its ability to impact a person's structure, to release the body from tension or pain, to restore a feeling of spaciousness in it and to allow a person to explore the world from this new awareness. Likewise, the subtle liberating power of Somatic Experiencing allows people who have suffered physical or emotional trauma to find serenity and trust in life!

Both approaches impacts the nervous system in their own way and operate a beautiful alchemy that will always be different from one person to another and never be predictable.

I am Certified Advanced Rolfer from the European Rolfing Association and certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner from the European Association for Somatic Experiencing. In my first life, I obtained a university degree at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IUHEI) in Geneva before working ten years in the banking and telecoms industry.

Qui suis-je ?

Certifications & workshops

Le cabinet thérapeutique


Accueil SunRolfing
Centre d'énergie
Table Rolfing
Immeuble | Rue Henri-Dunant | Genève
Salle thérapeutique Rolfing
Annika Schiele Sundell

3 Avenue Henri-Dunant, 1205 GENÈVE, Suisse

Tel : +41 79 449 94 41

Email :

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Rolfing: 180 CHF (80-90 min)
Somatic Experiencing: 140 CHF (60 min)

Children (until 12 years)

Rolfing: 120 CHF


Recognized as ASCA & RME therapist

Rolfing® is reimbursed by most complementary insurances.

Please check directly with your insurance if you are covered.


Kindly be informed that the appointments which are forgotten or cancelled
less than 48 h in advance will be invoiced.

Rates and conditions
For Adults

ROLFING :  180 CHF  (75 to 90 min)



For Children (until 12 years)

A session lasts 45 min 110 CHF


Association Suisse de Rolfing :

Association Française de Rolfing:

Dr. Ida Rolf Institute :

European Rolfing Association :

European Association for Somatic Experiencing :

Somatic Experiencing Institute :

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