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"Scars are stories, history written on the body."



ScarWork is the art of integrating scars into the fascial web

It is not always easy to accept our scars even if each one has its story to share and love!


Each scar is unique. No matter when you decide to work on a scar, it is amazing to see the tissues ability to heal.


The changes in the tissues are quick and easy. The adhesions and the irregularities diminish, the colour of the skin becomes harmonious. This technique can also resolve persistent chronic nerve dysfunctions.


The treatment is not painful. The quality of the touch is soft. The movements of the hand are quick and light. Improvements are generally permanent.


The technique can help to treat a range of scars:  following a surgical intervention or a C-section delivery, a fall on a bicycle, after removing a point of beauty….


“Scar is made up of good fascia that is stuck and clumped-together tissue irregularities. It is a goldmine of possibilities and goodness" (Sharon Wheeler, founder of ScarWork)

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